Accountable Leadership is an educational consultancy dedicated that enables leaders and those seeking leadership roles, to use their influence to produce effective and tangible outcomes for those they serve. We are also a platform that promotes accountability as the fundamental basis for leadership in society.

We believe that leadership is not only a process, skill set, or position, but it is an experience leaders create for those they lead, and it is a privilege to be taken on with utmost consideration and care. Our approach to leadership places accountability for human outcomes at the forefront of leadership selection, practice and experience.

While leadership accountability does require taking responsibility for negative outcomes, we go a step further. It requires a mindset of acting with the intention to prevent or offset those outcomes in advance, and of understanding the full scope of your influence as a leader.

“When we go about the process of selecting and practicing leadership, it should be deliberate, conscientious, and aligned with measurable human outcomes. That’s Accountable Leadership.”


– Lisel Douglas, Founder


Accountable Leadership produces the weekly “Leading Accountably” podcast, which features discussions on various topics covered on the AL blog, and bi-weekly guests to talk about personal, real-world experiences.

Coming Soon
Episode 1 of the “Leading Accountably” series. Our guest Jennifer, a US park ranger, speaks to us about her experience as a leaders and how she faces her challenges.
Coming Soon
Episode 2 of the “Leading Accountably” series: COur guest shares with us her thoughts on how leades can create positive outcomes with their organizations.


Featuring highlights from speaking engagements, events and vlog posts.

Lisel discusses, in the context of crisis, how research methods can be used to identify necessary leadership values, behaviors and standards, linking them to positive outcomes for humans in society, and successfully navigating crises.


The AL blog features posts on a variety of topics pertaining to accountable leadership in society and how we can best demand leadership that leads to positive human outcomes.

When Leadership Becomes Toxic, Part 5: Where is the Loyalty?

This post is part of a six-part series.  Click here for part 1 “When Leadership Becomes Toxic: Ignoring Real Problems“ Loyalty is to be earned Toxic leadership does not generate true loyalty. It can only generate forced or manufactured loyalty. Employees don’t stay? Didn’t quite elect the president you thought? Were the expected outcomes reasonable […]

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