Accountable Leadership Defined

Accountable Leadership is an approach to leadership in which leaders assess, understand, and accept the full scope of their influence and the potential impact their actions have upon those they serve, and where positive human outcomes are placed at the forefront of leadership selection, practice and experience.

The necessity for Accountable Leadership comes from the observation and belief that when a leader fails to embrace and tangibly implement the above approach, it leads to negative impacts on society, particularly the employees and clients (in the case of a business or organization), and members of the general public in the case of political leadership.

As such, leadership is not just a matter of a position, process, or skill set. It is a matter of outcomes, and how those being served experience that leadership.

Leadership accountability does not just refer to taking responsibility for negative outcomes, but requires embracing a mindset and approach dedicated to taking actions with the intent to prevent or offset those outcomes.

Leadership Selection and Development

When an organization and society goes about the process of selecting leadership, it should be deliberate, conscientious, and aligned with desired measurable human outcomes.

Therefore, the systems that generate these leaders, should facilitate an appropriate process of assessment, selection, development and evaluation against these human outcomes.

Roles and Responsibilities

There are three entities that should play a role in facilitating effective and accountable leadership.

The People

The Leader

The Organization, Institution, or System

This is the philosophy of Accountable Leadership.